The Broadway Eatery

About us

Hey there, welcome to The Broadway Caterers (formerly, The Broadway Eatery) – the go-to spot for amazing food adventures right here in sunny Perth, Western Australia! We’re not just any catering company; we’re a close-knit family crew with over 30 years of foodie experience, spanning all the way from the flavours of Germany & Middle East to the simplicity of Aussie comfort food classics.

Our menu is like a rollercoaster of flavours – imagine zesty Mediterranean vibes merging with the well-known deli/cafe favourites. Whether you’re in the mood for killer sandwiches, platters that are practically edible art, fancy finger foods that make you feel posh, wholesome individual lunch picks, Insta-worthy sushi, or dreamy desserts, we’ve got something that’ll hit the spot.

Dietary needs? No problemo. We’re all about making sure everyone’s included. We’re on a mission to make sure every munch is a happy one.

Our passion for good eats goes way beyond the norm without being pretentious. We’ve got that family-style warmth in our DNA, mixed with a dash of international foodie magic.

Need a custom menu? Our speciality team will provide a wholesome catering service to fit your next festive or corporate function.

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